Thursday, March 25, 2010

Day 4---Starbucks at Pike Place!!!!!

These are the pictures from the very first Starbucks at Pike Place Market in Seattle Washington! I couldn't believe I was finally there. I walked in and was so overwhelmed by the people and look and the smells. It was amazing! My girls were so great and let me wander all around and soak it all in. The whole place smelled of coffee and espresso. There people wall to wall at times and you could barely walk through. The partners there were so friendly and seemed to be having so much fun. When they got a drink order they would stack the cups inside each other and toss them over the Bar to the Barista and call out "2!" or "3!", however many drinks they were tossing. Also, whenever the Baristas cleared the bar and were ahead of the partners on register they would yell "Yahtzee!!!" and start cleaning up to get ready for the next rush. It was pretty fun to watch. So take a look at the things that I saw while I was there. If you're a coffee drinker you should definitely try and make it up to Pike Place someday. Its a fun experience!

I got to mark out my pound of coffee this week from Pike Place,
and of course I got Pike Place Roast!

This is one of the mugs that I got!

This is Karen Goertzen! Our Seattle tour guide and host
for the weekend! It was so much fun to tour the city with her all day!

They pull espresso shots the old school way!

This was my drink of choice at Pike Place. Sorry Cameron, I didn't
get a Pike Place at Pike Place. I wanted to watch them make my drink
at the bar and see them pull the espresso shots! I'm such a coffee nerd!

This was the very first coffee that I tasted as a Starbucks Partner.
For my first Coffee tasting I had Arabian Mocha Sanani with the chocolate chip
indulgent cookie! It was amazing! This coffee is seasonal and is really expensive.
So it is a treat to have it whenever it comes out.

This was another mug that I got while I was there!

I'm so excited!

I had soooooo much fun there! The whole store is just classic. I hope I get to go back again some day. I got way to many mugs, but that just means you can all come over and I can share my coffee and mugs with you!


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